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Tiled Roofs

It may be a requirement of planning, or it may be the look that you want, so great news, our timber buildings are suitable for slate or clay tiled roofs. If this is an option that interests you, the buildings require extra trusses so they are placed at 600mm centres, usually at an increased pitch of 30 degrees. Additionally, a local tiler will need to batten and tile, line the soffits and fit the guttering to complete the roof for you. Please contact us for more information on how to get a price and what steps are required to complete your project. 

This is a double garage with the doors in the gable end. Roof pitch is 30 degrees. Cladding is feather edge. The door was installed by a local contractor. Please note that the builder added a front overhang and lined the soffits. 


Wooden garage with a cotswold slate roof. Roof pitch was 40 degrees on this building. 9m wide x 6m deep.


This is a single garage with a tiled roof. Feather edge cladding and standard garage doors. Note that the customer increased the front overhang and lined the soffits.


Double garage with a 40 degree pitched roof. Clad in shiplap (painted by customer) with standard garage doors.

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