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I'd like to install a Car Lift

Can you help?

Installing a car lift into one of our timber garages is something that many people have done, and is a clever way to get extra storage in the vaulted roof.

The best way to orientate the garage is to have the gable ends (roof trusses) on the sides of the building, so you drive in under the guttering. This way of construction means that the trusses are either side of the car lift, giving a clear space into the roof void to allow a car in the space available. 

car lift in wooden garage.jpg

Where can I 
Buy One?

We have a local company called Strongman Lifts, who can supply and install the car lift for you. They are only 10 minutes from our show site, so you could visit us and them at the same time 

How high can I build

Permitted development allows you to build a pitched roof building up to 4m tall. You will achieve this with one of our standard 7m deep garages with a 2.3m eaves height. 


Strongman Car Lift

This car lift was set into a lowered concrete area as it was installed in a garage that had the access doors in the front gable end. The eaves height was increased to 2.4m high, so that the vehicle could be worked on at waist height.


Taller eaves height

This customer decided to go down the planning permission route, as they wanted to increase the eaves to 2.7m. This allowed them to fit 10 cars within a '5 car garage' thus increasing the storage space at a fraction of the cost.

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